Monday, May 21, 2012

"Come Holy Spirit Fill the Hearts of Thy Faithful and We Shall Renew the Face of the Earth."

Without Pentecost, the Christ-event…the life, death and resurrection of Jesus…remains imprisoned in history as just something to remember, think about and reflect upon.

However in our readings in John 15:26-27 & 16:4b-15,
in the story of Pentecost, God is revealed as a God within us, who enables us to breathe the divine life ourselves. Thus, Pentecost completes the mystery of God’s revelation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and invites us to become fully part of the inner life of God.

By becoming not only a God-for-us and a God-with-us but also a God-within-us…Jesus points forward to the new life in the Spirit that will be revealed at Pentecost. It will be a life lived in complete truth. Closely related to the word “betrothal,” the “complete truth” means full intimacy with God, a betrothal in which the complete divine life is given to us. (Henri Nouwen)


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