Tuesday, May 1, 2012

By Him and With Him and In Him…in the Unity of the Holy Spirit…

The vine and branches in John 15:1-8 depicts a "dwelling place" or "home" that reveals the most intimate of all relationships between the Father, Jesus, and Jesus' followers. This “abiding” with the Father, Son, and the community of believers challenges a culture that would often prefer to imagine or even to keep God at a distance. The Father “presents” the Son who in turn “presents” the Father as far from being some cosmic judge who exercises power as the preserver of morality. Because the Father has raised Jesus from the dead, this Word of God now becomes flesh among us has and has an abiding and lasting presence that continues to dwell among us. (James Boyce Professor of New Testament and Greek, Luther Seminary)

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  1. Is the wave rising up from the ocean water? Is a branch, vine, and root-ball a living organism, one plant? Are Jesus, you, me, all of us one? Jesus was pretty clear: "the Father and I are one", i.e. the same. What's that make you and me and all of them? Organic One! I-Jesus-God are One. Now what?