Friday, January 27, 2012

What have you to do with us Jesus of Nazareth?

Our discussion on Mark’s Gospel Wednesday night helped us focus on those “attachments” in our lives that, take charge like “demons,” and prevent us from hearing/doing the will of God. We asked how is the man with the “unclean spirit” any different from us as we wrestle with those demons that are a part of our humanity?
Why is it that this man who lives on the margins of society and has reached the depths of despair, knows who Jesus is better than anyone in the room? What have you to do with us Jesus of Nazareth? I know who you are. You are the Holy One of God.” Maybe it’s when we realize that we are powerless and unable to “white knuckle” our way through life and its challenges alone, that we understand that Jesus has everything to do with us.

As we brought the evening to a close, someone asked “Can we obey God’s law without surrendering to His will...and is there a difference?
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  1. I like your style: brief and informative. Good job!

  2. Sorry for the delayed response; I was away. Thank you,

  3. You are a true master of the quill! This reading was the so absorbing! Write more and thank you!