Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are We Looking or Waiting and What Gifts Do We Have to Offer?

Last night we discussed the significance of the Feast of the Epiphany which represents our longing for intimacy with God. It was pointed out that the Magi contrast those who wait for Jesus with those who make an effort to find Him or go to Him. We asked if we were waiting or following.

The Good News of Christmas or the Epiphany is that "God is With Us" (Emmanuel)! We, like the Magi require the Light  to see Him, find Him and serve Him... in the people and cicumstances of our everday lives.

It is time to stop talking about how much we love one another and time to really start showing that we do! Only then can we be able to come together as the family that God intended. Only then can we truly be a people of hope within whom the Holy Spirit lives and breathes.

Like the Magi, our search continues---but so does Epiphany


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