Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jesus came home, but he wasn't at home.

In Mark 6:1-13 Jesus went home. But, he wasn't at home. In spite of his powerful teaching, his family and old friends treated him with skepticism. In a culture that measured a person's worth by their place in society, Jesus had clearly overstepped his bounds. Carpenters were poorly regarded as men who left their families without economic security to seek work. They did not even have the respect of their own families. Jesus was a carpenter. By daring to step above His station in life He did not fit into the world of His family and old friends. He was no longer what his home town folks of Nazareth expected him to be. They did not trust him. So, he went back out on the road to serve the surrounding villages.

Jesus came home, but he wasn't at home.

Have we ever been disrespected by those close to us? How do their opinions affect us? Have we ever treated old friends or family in the same way? How have our opinions and acts against others affected you?

How can God help us in these areas be at home in Him?


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