Thursday, November 3, 2011

What are we waiting for and where do we get the oil?

The Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13, reminds us to be prepared and to be vigilant. However, as we discussed last night, perhaps the greatest lesson for us was not that the “foolish virgins” fell asleep, but that they squandered their most precious resource, the “light” (of the Holy Spirit). Peter Woods (The Listening Hermit) tells us that “The worst mistake I could possibly make is to forget that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here and now, and that the light from the flickering lamp of faith is all that is required for us to watch and wait.” Those who recognize the Bridegroom, keep enough oil in their lamps by keeping the Two Greatest Commandments and living in the spirit of the Beatitudes. 

Is there a discipleship/stewardship message here?
Is there an Advent message here?

Preach the Gospel always... If necessary, use words. (St. Francis of Assisi)




  1. I had a "George Bailey" experience today: circumstance usurped fruition of a dearly treasured personal dream. My reaction to circumstance was truly not mine. My reaction was knee-jerk -- I knew what I had to do. (Here I identify with "George Bailey" character in It's A Wonderful Life.) I questioned if my decision was prompted by obligation. Or was my decision prompted by righteousness (whatever that is). Or was my decision prompted by love.
    Seek I must ... that is Our Lord's prompting. In quiet reflection I find that Love has become so bound to instinctive reaction that the two increasingly grow to a seamless one. In my humanity I hurt when my dreams are shattered by circumstance, but the Love that is my be-ing protects me from depleting the I am I Am.

  2. I guess it depends on wheter our decision is purely self serving or well-intentioned. Merton's prayer helps allay conflict and the desire to be true to the 2 great commandments clinches it. But what do I know; I'm only an angel 2nd class?